Enter the Unimaginable is a online digital platform which enables students to reflect upon the climate crisis within the context of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers and artists from the University of Warwick, it brings together an amalgamation of resources and presents them to students in a bespoke collection. The platform encourages students to explore the climate crisis within the evolving context of COVID-19, form their own opinions and serves as a stimulus for students to devise their own artistic output in response to the content.

This platform is intended to be used by secondary school students with facilitation from the class teacher / accompanying lesson plans.


Applied Performance and the climate crisis during the context of COVID-19
Ashley James Brown (Digital Artist)
Charlotte Hale-Smith (Flux)
Prof David Mond (Global Sustainable Development, Warwick)
Dr Bobby Smith (Theatre and Performance, Warwick)
Dr Rachel Turner-King (Education, Warwick)